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The Agatha Christie Reading Challenge (a perpetual challenge) is hosted at The Agatha Christie Reading Challenge Carnival.

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The Agatha Christie Reading Challenge is really a challenge in two parts.

Part One

My original idea with the challenge was that I would read the books of Agatha Christie in order of publication to see what I could learn about her development as a writer, her exploration of the genre, development of her main characters and so on.

I've continued to tackle that on two fronts: her novels and her short stories.

I invited other people to join me and some are attempting to read the novels in order as I am, while others are simply reading them as they come across them.

I invite you to join us on this reading journey, reading at your own pace, either in publication order, or not, as you please.

You can join by adding your name to the Mr Linky at the foot of this post.

I find that I am reading about a title a month, aiming for 12 a year.
As I read a new book, I write a review and post it on my blog.
I also write an update post, recording my progress so far.
If you click here, you will see examples of these posts.

Part Two

The second part of the challenge is to be a participant in the monthly Agatha Christie Challenge Blog Carnival which is published 22-23 of each month.

It is an opportunity to submit your Agatha Christie reviews and updates to each carnival.

So when you write a review or an update about your progress in the challenge, then the next step each time is to submit your post to the Carnival here.

The carnival has various categories:
•Miss Marple
•Tommy & Tuppence
•Hercule Poirot
•Superintendent Battle
•Short Stories
•Discoveries (here you can submit interesting Agatha Christie related websites that you've discovered)

You submit your posts here

1. Partners in Crime
2. Ordeal by Innocence

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