Saturday, January 5, 2013

The 2013 Science Fiction Experience

I've been wanting to dip my toe further into the science fiction genre in books.  I haven't really read that much in my life, but I remember loving Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles and I'm a sucker for Sci-Fi films.  Total Star Trek, Star Wars, Firefly, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica....shall I go on...geek here!

The 2013 Science Fiction Experience is hosted by Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings.  Click the link or image above to sign up.  Here are some details from Carl's blog:

A few years back I decided I would like to invite other readers to spend time together to:

a) Continue their love affair with science fiction
b) Return to science fiction after an absence, or
c) Experience for the first time just how exhilarating science fiction can be.

This event was not to be a challenge. It was not a dare nor was it a contest. It was meant to be anexperience, a word I did not choose at random. The very best connections with books are more than just a detached reading, they are an experience–an immersive, engaging interaction between the reader and the characters and events between the covers. It is that tangible joy I feel when reading science fiction that I wanted to share with like readers, while at the same time creating an open, embracing forum for those to participate who have either not read science fiction in the past or have had less than successful experiences with the genre.

And so the Sci-Fi Experience, (or Science Fiction Experience, if you are so inclined) was born.

I have never been able to ascertain a logical explanation for why the arrival of old man Winter causes me to go nearly mad with a desire to read science fiction, but as that is the case the logical time for me to host this non-challenge was the months of January and February. If you have been following along with my posts of late it is probably very obvious that I have been in a science fiction mood for some time now. The first hints of winter weather, though a fleeting tease until this past week, set that wheel in motion.

And so I officially welcome you to The 2013 Science Fiction Experience, which runs from January 1st, 2013 through February 28th, 2013.

What I'm considering to read:

Dune by Frank Herbert
Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut



  1. hi Michelle! I just visited the website of th SciFi-challenge, hadn't known about it and will probably join, too - i read dome of the Hugo Award winners last year, and Le Guin for the first time, her "Left Hand of Darkness" - a modern scifi classic. (here's the link if you are interested: )
    have a great reading year ~
    Dorothee (from life as a journey with the 7 continents challenge)


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