Saturday, January 16, 2010

World Religion Challenge


This challenge is being hosted by Bibliofreak (dedicated blog World Religion Challenge).

The Challenge will run from Jan 1st 2010 to Dec 31st 2010. There are four categories to the Challenge:

I decided to lift a note from Taoism by calling these Paths (Tao means "way" or "path") to Reading Challenge Enlightenment:

1. The Bare Bones Path (Also Know As: The *Technically* There's Only Three Path): Read something about what are *technically* the only world religions, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam. (These are considered, by some scholars, to be the only World Religions because while Judaism and Hinduism have the numbers, they don't proselytize or really invite other people to join, making it more of an ethnicity).

2. The Penthouse Path (Also Known As: The Five Biggies Path): Read something about the five major world religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

3. The Universalist Path (Also Known As: The Above and Beyond Path): Read something by all five of the major world religions PLUS more books about any or all of the following: Shintoism, Animism, Taoism, Confucianism, Wicca, Mythology, Atheism, Occult, Tribal Religions, Voodoo, Unitarianism, Baha'i, Cults, Scientology, Mysticism, Rastafarianism, Jainism, Sikhism, Zorastrianism, Agnosticism, Gnosticism, Satanism, Manichaeism, Deism, Comparative Religion, Religious Philosophy, Jungiansim, Symbolism, Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, etc., etc. etc. (you may also read about another aspect of one of the 5 Biggies)

4. The Unshepherded Path (Also Known As: The Don't Tell Me What to Do Path): Read as many books as you would like about whatever religions you want.

What to read?

religious texts

and if your eyeballs are ready to fall out of your skull:

watch a movie
see a play
listen to some music
attend a service
celebrate a holiday
perform a ritual
open the door when Jehovah's Witnesses come to call

I have chosen The Unshepherded Path because, God knows, I do not like to be told what to do...ha ha!

Here's my list:


People of the Book--Geraldine Brooks
The Sparrow--Mary Doria Russell
The Last Temptation of Christ--Nikos Kazantzakis
The Bell--Iris Murdoch


Mere Christianity--C.S. Lewis
Walking the Bible--Bruce Feiler

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  1. I'm so glad you finally decided to *officially* join! :)


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