Friday, October 12, 2012

Let's Read Plays

A fun year with classic plays--November 2012 - October 2012
Hosted by Fanda Classiclit and Ngidam Buku
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Details (from Fanda's blog)
We will read plays from Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, other authors and also Greek plays. As the host, Dessy and I have created a schedule with themes to read for every month (scroll down to the end of this post). For example, for the first month we will read Shakespeare’s tragedy, you can pick as many titles as you wish (at least 1) from Shakespeare’s tragedy collections, read and post the review(s). One or two of the months will be freebie month, when you can read any theme you want. Here is the complete list of the plays, we are gathering as many as possible titles for our reference, but you are free to add your own titles if it’s not included in the list, as long as it fits the theme.

There will be giveaway(s) along or at the end of the event, and there would also meme(s) related to plays or Shakespeare we will have during the event (might come with giveaways too!). If you are interested to participate in any ways (games, quizzes, giveaways, guest posts or anything) please let me know by filling this form. so that we can discuss it. We are looking forward to your active participation because this would be a yearlong event, and it will be good if we can have many different activities and hosts to bring more fun to the event!

My List
Nov '12 Shakespeare's Tragedy--Coriolanus
Dec '12 Shakespeare's Comedy--The Tempest
Jan '13 freebie--Richard III
Feb '13 Shakespeare's History--Henry V
Mar '13 Greek--Antigone
Apr '13 Shakespeare's Comedy--Merry Wives of Windsor
May '13 Shakespeare's Tragedy--Troilus and Cressida
Jun '13 Oscar Wilde--Salome
Jul '13 Other author--Saint Joan
Aug '13 Shakespeare's Comedy--Measure for Measure
Sep '13 freebie--Macbeth
Oct '13 Shakespeare's Tragedy--Titus Andronicus



  1. Thanks Michelle for joining the event! Great list of yours here, Saint Joan is one I look forward mostly form your list. I'm curious, how a saint story could be made into a play..

  2. Hi Michelle,

    So glad to see your reading plays. I've always wanted to read plays. Last or year or the year before I read August Wilson's play. I had so much fun. I am so tempted to join this challenge. I'm scared of failure. Thinking, thinking, thinking....
    If I don't join, I wish you lots of fun along with Dessy.


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