Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pages Read Challenge



This challenge is being hosted by Secret Dreamworld of a Bookaholic.

The rules are easy:

1) Pick a number of pages you'll be attempting to read in 2010. It doesn't matter whether your goal is 10,000 or 100,000. You can always up your number as we go along, so you don't need to go all up high with your page count.

2) Write a blog post about it in which you will keep track of your page count.

3) Comment here with your goal number and a link to your blog post (if you have a blog - otherwise, just leave a comment with your name and the goal number). I'll then add you to the list of participants below.

4) The challenge starts January 1, 2010 and ends December 31, 2010. Only pages read after the new year has begun count in for the challenge, but any and every page you read counts for this challenge. I don't care about re-reads, overlaps with other challenges, or e-books! Just count the pages you read, no matter what type of book you're reading :-) See, it's a really easy challenge!

5) As usual: Have fun!

I'm starting out with a goal of 30,000 pages.  I may increase that as the year goes along...we'll see!

Current total:  8537 pages

The Lovely Bones--Alice Sebold (328 pages)
Winter's End--Jean-Claude Mourlevat (415 pages)
Zodicat Speaks--Doctor Zodicat (51 pages)
The Aelf Club: Unity--Stuart Brooke Richardson (310 pages)
Shutter Island--Dennis Lehane (325 pages)
The Necessary Cat--Nicola Bayley (74 pages)
The Silent Governess--Julie Klassen (301 pages)
The Poetry of Cats (96 pages)
Fragile--Chris Katsaropoulos (212 pages)
Hush--Kate White (341 pages)
The Dark Divine--Bree Despain (372 pages)
Shadow Hills--Anastasia Hopcus (400 pages)
Anastasia's Secret--Susanne Dunlap (320 pages)
The Little Stranger--Sarah Waters (463 pages)
The Mark--Jen Nadol (228 pages)
Cardboard--Fiona Place (372 pages)
Live a Life You Love--Dr. Susan Biali (208 pages)
A Vintage Affair--Isabel Wolff (368 pages)
Eclipse--Stephenie Meyer (629 pages)
Angel Star--Jennifer Murgia (251 pages)
Virgin and the Crab--Robert Parry (480 pages)
The International Kittens of Mystery!--Chris Dolley (90 pages)
The Wives of Henry Oades--Johanna Moran (367 pages)
Sense and Sensibility--Jane Austen (367 pages)
The Lace Reader--Brunonia Barry (385 pages)
Arcadia Falls--Carol Goodman (384 pages)
Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show--Frank Delaney (400 pages)

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