Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Telling Tales Challenge 2012

Did not complete this challenge.

The Telling Tales Reading Challenge 2012 is hosted by An Armchair by the Sea.

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  • Challenge runs from January 1st 2012 to December 31st 2012. You may sign up to participate at any point between these dates. 
  • Any genre counts as long as it is related to fairytale, folklore, or mythology in some way. If you’re not sure if it counts – as long as you can make a case for why it should, then it does! 
  • You can re-read books for this challenge as long as the reviews you link are written during 2012, and the challenge can also overlap other challenges. 
  • Whatever you read must either be a version of a fairytale or myth, or contain fairytale or mythological characters, settings, or sequence of events. 
  • Every month there will be update posts either here or on my sister’s blog. Please link up your reviews for that month on this post. 

The Categories:

These are the levels:
Level 1: Read 5 books
Level 2: Read 10 books
Level 3: Read 15 books
Level 4: Read 20 books
Level 5: Read 25 books 

You can sign up for any level, and choose to read either purely the categories listed below, or to participate in the Mix n Match category, or the Adaptation Amalgamation category, or all of them if you're that brave!

  • Twisted Fairytales – retellings or modern interpretations of fairytales or myths. For inspiration, look here
  • Classics – Myth and fairytale from the classics genre (e.g. Homer, Grimm, Virgil, Hans Christian Andersen) 
  • Graphics – Graphic novels and comics based around or containing elements of mythology and fairytale. Examples include Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series and Bill Willingham’s Fables series among others. For a list that barely scrapes the surface, go here
  • Poetry & Drama – We’ve put this in because we’re sure there must be some. I've managed to find some, but if you know of any others please let us know! 
  • Non- Fiction – Anything about myth, fairytale, folklore or fantasy in general that doesn’t belong to the fictional genre. 
Extra Categories:
  • Adaptation Amalgamation – Watch a film and read the book it is based on. This category can incorporate as many other categories as you like (i.e all your films do not have to be based on graphic novels, but some can be, and some twisted fairytale, some non-fiction etc) 
  • Mix n Match – Exactly what it says. Sign up for a level and pick that number of books from any or all of the other categories. 
I'm going to do Level One and will probably stick with Mix n Match:
1.  The Dragon's Harp by Rachel Pruitt

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